Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

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I recently had my annual physical exam.  This yearly ritual always reminds me of the importance of checking to be sure everything is OK even when there are no outward symptoms of a problem.  The benefit is early detection and simpler intervention to restore health if a problem does exist.

The same process can benefit your safety program.  That is, you should routinely check leading indicators of safety success, even when no outward signs of a problem exist.  To help you accomplish this, we are offering a 1-day observational assessment as quick, simple alternative to our comprehensive safety culture assessment.

The 1-day observational assessment process typically involves having one of our Ph.D.-level consultants spend a day on site attending and evaluating various meetings where safety should be a topic, touring your facility for visible evidence of the safety culture, behavior observations, and focused interviews with a random sample of employees to explore various aspects of the safety culture.  The site visit results in a report of strengths and weaknesses with recommendations for improvements, including to an existing behavior-based safety process, near-miss reporting program or other relevant process as warranted. 

Get your 2011 Safety Performance off to a great start. Contact Dr. Boyce today to schedule your observational assessment.  Mention this article and receive a special offer.

We at the Center for Behavioral Safety wish all of our clients and readers a Happy Holiday Season and a Safe, Healthy, and Prosperous 2011.

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