Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe


In 2002, Dr. Phil Hineline and our Dr. Boyce defined learning as “being able to do something after [being taught] that could not be done before” (cf. Boyce & Hineline, 2002 at the link below).


 In this same paper, Drs. Boyce and Hineline introduced a new teaching method called Interteaching that they had developed and been using effectively in their college classrooms.  The method, based on a peer-tutor model of instruction, has been demonstrated time and time again to enhance learning gains in the college classroom.  More importantly, Dr. Boyce has since been successfully using these strategies in his on-site and public workshops.  The approach for organizational training was described by Dr. Boyce in an article written for the Training Journal (see link below).


 When used properly, Interteaching will enhance the effectiveness of any organizational training.   And, the benefit of the psychology of training can be brought to your organization by having Dr. Boyce train your trainers in this innovative yet practical approach to adult education.  

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