Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

Other Products

We have a variety of products to assist in your safety improvement efforts.* Please contact us at admin@cbsafety.com or by filling out our contact form for a complete list of products that include:

1) Audio Conferences by Dr. Boyce:

Title:  Safety Leadership: What it Takes to Motivate, Inspire, and Win Support

(Recorded Presentation with Synchronized PowerPoint)

Price:  US$299.00

Why are some leaders able to engage, inspire and motivate workers while others are less successful?  What is their secret?  In this 60-min recorded audio program with synchronized PowerPoint presentation, Safety behavior expert Ted Boyce, Ph.D. gives you answers to these age-old questions.

During the session, participants will learn:

  • The psychology of motivation
  • Practical strategies for communicating effectively about safety
  • Simple techniques for tracking improvements in your safety efforts
  • Why changing one’s own behavior is the key to changing others’ behaviors

If your safety program needs a kick-start or if you’re just interested in taking safety to the next level, this session will give participants actionable advice on developing essential motivational leadership skills to bring out the best in people.

Title: Stress and Safety

(Recorded Presentation with Synchronized PowerPoint)

Price: US$299.00

Research suggests that employees who are stressed or fatigued pose a greater safety risk than those who are not. This problem is now more pronounced than ever with many companies trying to do more with less. However, not all stress is bad.  In fact, some stress heightens performance, like the kind that pushes athletes to excel.

In this 60-minute Webinar, behavioral safety expert Ted Boyce, Ph.D. will show you how to distinguish between good stress and bad stress (distress). He’ll outline four key principles that can be practically applied in any work setting to enhance good stress and prevent “distress” that leads to workplace injuries. Applying this approach will keep workers focused on safety even during trying times.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between stress and distress and recognize each in the workplace
  • Improve communication between supervisors and the front line so that unhealthy stress doesn’t supersede safe behavior
  • Reframe employee perceptions of stressful events so they embrace safe behavior — even when no one is around to see it
  • Identify stressors and take steps to eliminate those they can control
  • Understand and use 4 simple steps to keep workers focused on safe behaviors
  • Get workers to take personal responsibility for safety regardless of how stressed or fatigued they may be.

2) PDF PowerPoint Presentations for Use at Your Facility

Title:  Introduction to Behavior-Based Safety

(MS PowerPoint Presentation PDF with Speakers Notes)

Price:  US$299.00

Thinking about starting a Behavior-Based Safety process at your facility?  Let renowned Behavior-Based Safety expert, Ted Boyce, Ph.D. help you make the case to key stakeholders.

This PDF PowerPoint presentation with speakers notes outlines the founding principles and defining characteristics of Behavior-Based Safety in a straight-forward and easy to understand manner.   Title pages, helpful graphics, and a bonus summary slide are a part of this attractive 16-page presentation.

Perfect for the Safety Professional who has been asked to look into starting a new process or as refresher training for an existing process, there is no need to invent the wheel.  Dr. Boyce has done all of work for you.

3) A Universal BBS Database Template

Price:  US$499.00

Are you interested in tracking your Behavior-Based Safety Data with ease?  Our Universal BBS Database will allow you to track the weekly percentage safe for up to 5 behaviors and percentage of participation by just entering your raw observation counts.

Once your data are entered, the database will automatically compile your data and display it in an easy to read bar graph.  Ready for posting, these colorful graphs are sure to keep conversations about your Behavior-Based Safety process lively, timely, and relevant.

Please note, the database template is set-up for 1 calendar year, but is easily expandable.  The Microsoft Excel format of the database is compatible with most office software environments.  A brief users’ guide is also included.

4) Safety Observer Guide

(.pdf document)

Price:  US$9.99

This one page comprehensive guide in table format will provide your BBS team leaders, coaches, and employees with all of the information necessary to be an effective observer of safety behavior in the field.   Using the recommendations provided, observers will not only be more comfortable approaching employees to make an observation, they will give better feedback.  Proper use of the techniques suggested should produce both an increase in the number of observations made and an improvement in their quality.

*The products are intended for our client base and not for use with other consultants and consulting firms to deliver our content to their clients. We are committed to best health and safety practices, and cannot guarantee results when delivered by agencies similar to ours. Thus, if you are a consultant or consulting firm, you may always have your clients contact us directly for purchase of the documents.