Thomas E. Boyce, Ph.D.

Psychology applied to business (TM). Increase attendance and improve participant satisfaction with your event!



Services available from Dr. Boyce

Keynote Presentations. Customized for your organization and event for up to 90 minutes on topics including: Leadership, Employee Motivation, Culture Change, Communication, and Behavior-Based Safety…

Technical sessions, half-day and whole-day workshops, and facilitation are also available.  All of Dr. Boyce’s instruction is based on his corporate teaching philosophy that learning is being able to do something after being taught that could not be done before.

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Program Topics and Titles include:

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1. Why should I attend one of Dr. Boyce’s presentations?

Research in education has shown that people learn best when they have direct contact with an instructor and through direct experience with information being taught. Dr. Boyce’s presentations are a fine-tuned combination of lecture, stories, discussion, and practical “in-class” exercises.

2. How is the information Dr. Boyce presents different from others who talk about leadership and safety?

Dr. Boyce is an applied psychologist. So, he is critical about the information he presents. And, he will help you think critically about information you receive both in his presentations and others. As a result, he will only provide tools with a foundation in science and that have a proven track record of success in the field. He is clear about when information is speculative or theoretical and may warrant more study.

3. Why does Dr. Boyce charge for his presentations?

All participants who attend a keynote address, lecture, workshop, or training session with Dr. Boyce are able to build upon and personalize the work and tools he presents. This type of learning facilitates better decision-making and performance improvement. Participants are truly able to do things differently after their session with Dr. Boyce than they did before and they will want to!

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