Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

Behavioral Safety & Safety Leadership

Below is a list of the most frequently requested services that we offer.  Please contact us for a on-site versus off-site training cost comparison sheet and/or a customized bid to have one or more of our services performed at your facility, conference, or corporate event.  Be sure to inquire about discounted rates for our safety and leadership “bundles”.  Click the following link http://cbsafety.com/new/ to view our newest products and services

What you can expect from Behavioral Safety: an employee-driven safety process that will produce a 50% reduction in recordable injury rate and a 20% increase in production within 1 year, lower insurance premiums, and improved employee morale and retention.



Typical Client

Behavior-Based Safety Training and Implementation: Be in control today of the safety results you want

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 About BBS

Employee-owned and managed observation and feedback process that   reduces the occurrence of at-risk behaviors and conditions that contribute to   injuries. We can help to you to design and implement a process from scratch   or help you fine-tune or revitalize an existing process.

Mining, manufacturing, and construction companies that want to   eliminate lost-time accidents and reduce the occurrence of recordable   injuries by 50% within one year.

Safety Culture Assessment: Perception is reality–find out what your employees really   think (let Dr. Boyce unravel your company’s DNA)

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Culture Checkup

Questionnaire and focused-interview sessions that reveal key   aspects of your work culture known to impact safety. This process uncovers   the thoughts behind the numbers. Report comes with specific and practical   recommendations for improvement.

Mining, manufacturing, and construction companies that seek to   understand and improve how their employees perceive key factors that impact   safety performance.

Evidence-Based Leadership: Get managers, supervisors, and support personnel on the right   page

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Psychology of Leadership

Leadership training and process implementation that builds on   the current strengths and improves upon the current weaknesses of your   leadership team. This is appropriate for all levels of management and   supervision and is sure to improve communication and develop authentic   leaders.

Any organization where communication, unity, and morale among   leadership could be better.


Psychology of Leadership   Summit:   Understand why your employees do what they do and how to get the results you want

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Psychology of Leadership

Innovative and interactive workshop that helps leaders truly   understand the entire human being. Learn why rational people sometimes do   irrational things and how to: avoid common errors in judgment that inhibit success;   motivate and inspire others without authority, and influence belief systems   for lasting change. After this session, participants will have a different   perspective on being the boss.

Any organization looking for group training to develop the   skills of managers and supervisors to work more effectively with others and   to better understand their own influence.

Executive Coaching: Align your leaders’ development with your business needs

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Thomas E. Boyce

On-site and distance coaching that builds on your leaders’   strengths and improves upon their weaknesses to help you immediately address   critical business needs. Our coaching process is as much an organizational   intervention as it is an individual and strategic development process.

Any organization that wants to truly invest into developing the   skills of the future leaders of their company while producing immediate   improvements in short-term business outcomes. Coaching sessions are a great   complement to the Psychology of Management   Summit.


Behavior-Focused Health   & Wellness: Get fit and stay healthy physically and mentally

Facility-wide employee-driven observation and feedback process   that promotes healthy lifestyles both at work and at home. We can help to   reduce sick days, insurance premiums, and improve mental focus.

Any organization who wants to invest into the long-term health   of their employees. This process will develop continuity of employment,   produce better organizational outcomes, and improve employee morale.

Keynote Speaking: Get informed and energized

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Thomas E. Boyce

Energetic, entertaining, and informative corporate and   conference talks on a variety of topics. Dr. Boyce will be sure to leave your   employees engaged and talking about the topic you’ve asked him to address.

Any organization or conference looking for a “shot in the arm”   to set the theme of their event or kick-off a new initiative.

Not ready for one of the products above, our Concentrated Consulting Services will help you solve problems quickly! This one-on-one or small group leadership consulting program is perfect for companies who are not in the market for a larger-scale assessment or performance improvement process. Value-added for businesses of any size, Dr. Boyce will spend 2-hours providing expert advice to key personnel on issues of their choice. For example, a single concentrated session could address one of the following: organizational performance, including an existing Behavior-Based Safety process, workplace communication, team-building, and training improvement. Sessions can be conveniently scheduled to occur on-site or in person via SKYPE. For more information about this convenient and innovative program, contact us today.