Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

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Dr. Boyce Makes a Point During a Keynote Address


From the keynote speeches, panel discussions, and customized short-courses and workshops, there are a variety of ways you and your company can engage with Dr. Boyce.

A few of the popular formats we can arrange include:

Keynote Speech:  Live, on stage featured presentation filled with practical tools, stories, and humor

Short Course/Workshop: ½-day to 3-day detailed session with interactive exercises and demonstrations

Panel Discussion: as a moderator or panelist, Dr. Boyce will ensure the conversation is lively, timely, and fact based

A Meal with Dr. Boyce: intimate conversation over a meal

Ask the Expert: advisory consultation sessions in person, over the phone, and via Skype

On-Going Conversations: follow-up sessions that can be done on-site or on line

Visiting Professor: Engage an expert for an ongoing educational experience

Dr. Boyce’s goal is to make you and your program a great success!


Ted in Full Action at Workshop

Dr. Boyce in Action at a Workshop

THOMAS E. (TED) BOYCE received a Ph.D. in psychology from the American Psychological Association- accredited Graduate Program at Virginia Tech and was a professor of psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno.  He is currently President and Senior Consultant with the Center for Behavioral Safety, LLC, a sought-after conference speaker, author, and professional musician.  With 18 years of experience applying psychology to address business problems, Dr. Boyce has become a trusted advisor to numerous organizations because of his people-centered solutions.  In just the past decade he has shared his practical knowledge with executives at Amcor PET, Barrick Gold Corporation, CalPortland, City of Reno, County of Santa Clara, Freeport-McMoran, Granite Construction, Martin Marietta, MSHA, NASA, Newmont Mining Corporation, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Ralston Purina, Unilever-Best Foods, the University of California Office of the President, U.S. Army, and Zurich North America among others.  Dr. Boyce has authored dozens of publications, including invited works for Psychology Builds a Healthy World (APA Press), Rock Products, Mining Quarterly, Motivated Magazine, Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, and EHS Today.  He is a full member of the American Psychological Association, the international Association for Behavior Analysis, and Sigma Xi, the scientific research honor society.  As formally-trained musician and experienced performer, Dr. Boyce combines a fine-tuned mix of education, emotion, and entertainment in each of his public speaking engagements.  As such, he is truly the Triple Threat of business consulting and public speaking.

“I was sold on the scientific explanation of human behavior when I first experienced the astonishing power of positive reinforcement as an undergraduate psychology student at the University of Florida.  From that time, I’ve been on a mission.  This is a message everyone must hear.”

~ Dr. Thomas Boyce



Current Keynote Talks and Workshops*

Dr. Boyce’s keynote addresses are motivational tutorials.  His performances get people excited about the topic being discussed while leaving them with a handful of practical tools they can put to immediate use in the field.  Improve your standing… Book Dr. Boyce today to learn how your company can harness the power of people to transform your work culture.

*All of Dr. Boyce’s talks can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs.  Please tell us on which topic(s) you would like Dr. Boyce to focus his comments.  Principles in each keynote session described below can also be elaborated upon in 1/2-day, 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day workshop filled with demonstrations, discussion, and hands-on exercises.


If Your Facility Hasn’t Injured Someone in a While, You May NOT Be Doing Your Job!

Zero injuries isn’t always what it’s made out to be.  In fact, “zero” can lull a facility in to a sense of complacency regarding the basic necessities of injury prevention.  During this edgy, yet entertaining and informative talk, Dr. Boyce will describe the downside of using traditional measures of safety and also the perils of rewarding the absence of injuries as a measure of good performance. He will also introduce an alternative approach that can be immediately implemented to test the true status of your safety culture.


Embracing Change:  How to Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement in 4 Steps

Think your employees need an attitude adjustment?  Guess what, they are just responding to formal and informal aspects of your current work culture.  So, maybe it’s time to transform damaging traditions into a culture of excellence.  To do so, leaders must win the hearts and minds of their people and also influence them to change their behavior. This can only be done with a keen knowledge of why people do what they do.  Join Dr. Boyce for a fast-paced and informative journey through a culture change process that you can implement in 4 steps.  During this 1-hour talk you will learn how culture affects behaviors and attitudes, be taught how to engage employees in a process of discovery that will expose the changes needed, come to understand how to execute change through interventions that produce small but significant differences in thinking and behavior, and evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions to know you’re on track to produce the results you want.


  ted-musical-performance Traffic Jam–It COULD Happen to YOU:  The Psychology of Driving Safely

Most people who are injured or killed in a car crash don’t believe they are putting themselves at risk before the incident that changes their lives.  In fact, the very behaviors that cause the crash make so much sense to them psychologically that they typically perform those behaviors hundreds of times before something bad happens or they are caught by police.  In this, informative, entertaining , and motivating lecture designed especially for teen drivers, but also relevant for parents and educators, Dr. Boyce uses the story of his childhood friend who died in a car crash to create an emotional foundation for the practical explanations and demonstrations of everyday psychology and behavior traps that so often lead to texting, speeding, and other unsafe acts while driving.  He will also discuss how to manage them.  After his presentation, participants will view their own health and safety very differently and be more likely to choose safe behavior at key decision points.  As an added bonus, Dr. Boyce will close his talk with a live pop-rock musical performance to make the message even more memorable.  Finally, in return for their pledge to drive safely, each audience member will receive the code for a free download of his original song via iTunes.  This rock safety anthem will help carry the message forward.

**Please note:  Because of the live musical performance and audio recording to be provided by Dr. Boyce, Traffic Jam requires some additional arrangements.  To ensure availability, please be sure to book this talk well in advance of your event.



The Psychology of Leadership

Description: Understand and develop the natural power of human psychology to become a better leader.

During this dynamic story-filled presentation, participants will be provided with a practical understanding of the basic philosophy, principles, and application of psychology to lead others effectively.  Appropriate for managers, supervisors, HR and safety directors, and front-line employees, participants will be encouraged to integrate some of these important principles into their daily lives both at work and at home.   After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the 4 universal needs at the core of human motivation
  • Use principles of psychology to change behavior AND beliefs
  • Better manage their thoughts and the outcomes they produce
  • Deal more effectively with conflict
  • Use peer pressure to their benefit

Regardless of position or title, those who attend this presentation will leave with a practical understanding of human beings that will change their perspective on being a leader and improve their ability to influence both individuals and groups to achieve a culture of safety.


The Expression of Leadership: How to Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say


Dr. Boyce Encouraging a Response from His Audience

Description: You don’t need formal authority to be an effective leader. Influencing and inspiring others to action requires that you earn their trust and respect.  Dr. Boyce will help you become an activator and a motivator by teaching you what’s really involved in communicating well. After this practical and example-filled keynote presentation, participants will:

  • understand the attributes and behaviors displayed by an effective leader
  •  be able to use a simple tool to create a compelling vision and share it with others in meaningful ways
  •  better able to apply the power of positive reinforcement to inspire world class performance
  •  start “walking the talk” in a way that empowers and inspires people to achieve success


Principles of Behavior-Based Safety

Description:  You could save a life today!  During this 1-hour story-filled keynote presentation or extended workshop, participants will be provided with a firm understanding of the basic philosophy, principles, and application of behavioral science to prevent injuries.  Appropriate for managers, supervisors, safety directors, and front-line employees, participants will be challenged to think about how they can integrate some of these important principles into their existing safety programs and also put them to use at home.   Communicating at all levels in a way that produces safety success will be a key theme of this talk.  After this session, participants will be able to:

  • understand how the 3 components of a safety culture impact safety behavior
  • understand why a focus on behavior is important to preventing injuries
  • understand why people do what they do and how to motivate behavior change more effectively
  • describe and use a 4-step model of continuous safety improvement
  • reliably stop at-risk behavior and replace it with safe behavior



How to Take Your BBS Process to the Next Level: Things You Need to Know that Your Consultant Won’t Tell You

Description: Learn how to do what the experts do to build and sustain world class safety performance with Behavior-Based Safety.  Many companies have tried a version of Behavior-Based Safety (BBS).  Each likely involved some form of observation card, employee observations in the field, feedback, and action plans around critical issues identified.  And, despite these consistencies in appearance and mechanics, some companies have great success with BBS and are able to sustain it over the course of years while others see little added benefit beyond that often described by employees as “flavor of the month”.  This talk will discuss the science-based differences between successful and non-successful BBS processes.  With a discussion of implementation strategies, process design, employee, supervisor, and management roles, and follow-up, you can take your BBS process to the next level whether you’ve been doing it for years or are just getting started.


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