Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

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Buy with Confidence: How to Properly Select a Behavior-Focused Safety Vendor

 Thinking about starting a Behavior-Based Safety process or otherwise engaging employees to improve safety at your facility?  This session is perfect for you.  During this 2-hour discussion, Dr. Boyce will introduce the central principles of Behavior-Based Safety, provide an effective implementation plan that can be used to start any employee-driven safety process, and discuss the 6-types of safety consultants and how to use them to improve safety at your facility.  After this session you will be a more educated consumer of safety support services. The fee for this session will be credited back to you if you retain Dr. Boyce to assist you with your forthcoming implementation.

Do-It-Yourself:  How to Implement a Behavior-Based Safety Process from Within

This 1-day workshop is perfect for those who want to develop a BBS process in-house or who are already doing BBS and want to get more out of their process.  During the session you will be taught the principles of Behavior-Based Safety and be provided with examples of what it looks like in practice.  We will also specify the roles of management, supervision, and front-line employees and teach you how to understand, use, and communicate BBS data.  A typical implementation strategy will be detailed and common pitfalls to avoid will be discussed.   A copy of our Universal BBS Database for tracking of behavioral data will be provided.  (If time is limited, a ½-day expedited version of this session is also available.  Please as us if this option would be appropriate for you.)  This session includes a complimentary 1-hour phone or video conference follow-up with your team to occur within 12 months of your scheduled session.

For an additional charge, your DIY efforts can be supported with participant workbooks to be used at each phase of your BBS implementation.  Our Dr. Boyce can also be retained as an external coach for those managing your process.

Contact us to get a customized bid for your in-house BBS effort. 

Organize and Energize Your Safety Committee

This workshop is perfect for those who are either starting a safety committee or want to energize an existing one that has hit a wall.  During this interactive 4-hour session, Dr. Boyce will tell you why a focus on “zero” injuries is not the best way to achieve “zero”, introduce an alternative approach that can be introduced at your facility, and provide you with the 4 steps necessary to build a culture of continuous improvement.   The session will culminate in a working session where Dr. Boyce will help your team to design or fine-tune a safety initiative to help your facility to have a safety break through. This session includes a complimentary 1-hour phone or video conference follow-up with your team to occur within 6 months of your scheduled session.