Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

Mining Quarterly

A little more than a year ago, Dr. Boyce was invited to serve as a columnist for Mining Quarterly, a publication of the Elko Press dedicated to providing the latest news about and to the Nevada Mining Industry and mining throughout the western United States.  Below are links to the articles found only in Mining Quarterly that Dr. Boyce has contributed to date.

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New! More than Words: How will your mine site respond to a fatality? / Mining Quarterly Winter 2013 (see pages 91-92 in the printed, page 97/98 in the electronic magazine) As we are working on technical aspects of our website. In the mean time, the following  is the actual link to the article: http://issuu.com/elkodaily/docs/mqwinter_13_opt/15?e=5871931/5960380

Interview with Dr. Thomas E. Boyce: Behavioral Strategist Works with Mining Industry (et al) / Mining Quarterly Fall 2013 (see pages 93 -96)

If You Have Not Injured Someone in a While, You May Not be Doing your Job / Mining Quarterly Summer 2013 (see e-pages 114, 115)

When There’s a Need, There’s a Will, When There’s a Will, There’s Application /

 Mining Quarterly Spring 2013 (see e-page 48)

Guiding the Future of Mining Safety: A Need to Shift from R&D to DNA /

Mining Quarterly Winter 2012 (see e-page 60)

It Can Be Good to Revisit the Past /

Mining Quarterly Fall 2012 (see e-page 15)