Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

Frequently Asked Questions Volume 2

We received many positive comments regarding our first volume of Frequently Asked Questions.  Thus, Dr. Boyce wanted to dig a little deeper and provide more information regarding our BBS implementation and process based on additional questions we often receive.  Below are FAQs Volume 2.

Q . How is your process different from your competitors?  What are your strengths? 

A.  We customize processes to fit the needs of each client.  Thus, not only is the process sustainable, the benefits it produces are as well.  Although we use a tried and tested implementation method, the product you end-up with will be unique to your organization or facility yet always consistent with the principles that drive success.  Moreover, we work with our clients to integrate BBS into their more comprehensive safety programs as needed. We will also help you to demonstrate to those to whom you are accountable how BBS fits the requirements you’ve been asked to meet.

Unlike our competitors we do not license products or require that you invest into special software to keep your process up and running.  In contrast, we work with your existing software, your existing safety process, and leave you with a BBS process that can be sustained from within with little outside help.  We do not ever recommend products or services that our clients don’t need.  We will work with you to recommend the minimum you need get started and see improvement or suggest a package that will allow you to achieve your company’s highest safety goals and standards.  Regardless of the approach, you can expect that everything we suggest will have a value-added benefit that fits your budget requirements.   Bring your concerns to us. We supply multiple services including, but not limited to, full scale BBS implementation, safety culture assesments,  corporate retreat presentations, and serving as liaison with other agencies and professionals to coordinate various programs and processes such as OSHA VPP.

We do our best to keep extra expenses to a minimum.  We charge our cost for materials and often provide extra handouts and workbooks that can be given to those hired after our training sessions.  Also, we do not charge for travel days or preparation time like many of our competitors.  Moreover, our consultants travel coach airfares, stay in modest accommodations (you can even recommend hotels with whom you’ve got an arrangement for discounted rates), and we limit per diem expenses to $35 per day.  In other words, any savings we get, we pass along to our clients.

Finally, we carry professional liability insurance and we are happy to name our clients as an additional insured.   Some of our competitors do not carry such insurance.

Q.  What does a typical workshop look like?

A.  We believe in an interactive workshop that builds communities and promotes teamwork.  The approach is a variation of the “I Do, We Do, You Do” method used so successfully in adult education where application in the field is desired.  Thus, our workshops mix vivid lectures with current examples to illustrate key points and interactive small group and individual exercises with immediate debriefings and feedback.  Finally, we provide practical tools in each workshop that can be put to immediate use in the field.  

Q. How much follow up can we expect?

A.   The Center for Behavioral Safety BBS method is an employee-driven process.  We will assess your particular needs and make recommendations for the appropriate amount of follow-up support.   Having said that, an average follow-up package includes 4 to 6 site visits scheduled to occur at strategic times during the first full year of the process.  Typically, within 1 year clients are sustaining their process with little or no outside support. 

Q. What are the costs involved?

A. Our fees are based on a daily rate for on-site work (e.g., training and follow-up) and an hourly rate for office work that is not part of our on-site preparation.  (Preparation time for on-site work is included in the on-site daily rate.)  And, all compensated office work is agreed to in advance.  Because all cases are different, it’s impossible to be specific about overall costs.  However, one of our experienced consultants could ballpark the costs of your project with information you can provide during a brief phone consultation.  Be sure to ask for a quote for both our “lean” and “comprehensive” implementation models for your facility.

Q. What else should I know?

A.  A well set-up Behavior-Based Safety process will reduce work for everybody.  Salaried personnel fill-out less paperwork because fewer incidents and exceptions in work processes are occurring.  Hourly personnel work more efficiently because there is less down time and, as a result of preventing injuries, crews have all personnel available to them.

It is important to remember that Behavior-Based Safety does not necessarily mean you stop doing what you’re currently doing.  The process works best when it is integrated with other safety initiatives that you have been using successfully.  We will work with you to make such recommendations.  Finally, a customized BBS process will not cost you a fortune.  The Center for Behavioral Safety never pads budgets nor overuses personnel, and will work to create a process that will fit your budget and situation.

Please contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your safety  and performance improvement goals.

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