Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

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Would you listen to a man who grew up in an academic environment, lived next to a national sports hero, took his first job at the age 15, plays rock n roll music, and holds a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology? Meet Dr. Thomas Boyce, a business consultant, author, educator, and musician who in just the past decade has published more than 20 articles on leadership and employee motivation, logged more than 3000 hours of on-site training and 1000 hours of post-secondary instruction, given more than 100 public presentations, and self-published a dozen original rock songs which are available on iTunes.

According to Dr. Boyce “everyone can learn the basic principles of behavior such that they are able to improve quality of life at work and at home. All it takes is the desire, the right message, and an entrepreneurial spirit. My experience indicates that I’ve put together the right message.” An article recently commissioned by and published in Motivated Magazine provides a glimpse into Dr. Boyce’s philosophy of leadership and employee motivation—“to inspire others, you must first change your own behavior to place a focus on what’s important to them.”

As a working musician in his leisure time and successful small business owner with offices in 3 locations across the U.S., Dr. Boyce’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit is evident throughout his exciting story-filled talks and training sessions. And, this is the key to inspiring success within your organization…tapping into the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of your people to always be looking for and implementing ways to improve all aspects of your operation.

Join the thousands of people who have benefited from Dr. Boyce’s in-depth synthesis of 120 years of psychology and human behavior. You do not have to have a Ph.D. set your potential free. Dr. Boyce does not just talk about why people do what they do, he helps you understand it, and motivates you to apply it too.  Book Dr. Boyce today!

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