Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

Learn How You Can Prevent Pain and Suffering– www.motivatingsafety.com

Thank you for all you do to prevent injuries at work.  With the investment of a ½-day of your time you can join the thousands of managers, supervisors, and safety professionals like you who chose to successfully improve their safety programs regardless of how well they are currently working.  Imagine the celebration that will occur as you and your colleagues celebrate an entire year without a lost-time accident or even a recordable injury! 

The secret to continuous safety improvement is in how you motivate safety at work.  This workshop will provide you with that secret that safety consultants don’t want you to know.  You will also receive strategies for how you can apply it at work immediately upon your return.  With this knowledge you will become part of an exclusive group who truly understands human behavior from the outside-in.  This workshop would normally cost upwards of $500 per person.  However, if you register today, you will save substantially off the going rate.  Seats are limited and going fast for the June 12th session in Irvine, CA and the July 22nd session in Reno, NV.  So, don’t delay or we cannot guarantee you a spot.  

The average cost of an industrial accident is $30K and innumerable emotional costs.  How would you feel if you could have prevented that injury by attending Motivating Safety at Work and chose not to?  None of these locations or dates convenient for you?  Please tell us where you would like us to schedule a future session of Motivating Safety at Work.  Register now at: www.motivatingsafety.com

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