Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

A San Francisco Bay Area Safety Talk

Dr. Boyce will be presenting at talk entitled: The Essence of Safety:  How to Overcome Resistance and Produce Lasting Change at the November 16th, 2012 meeting of the Golden Gate Chapter of the National Safety Management Society.  The next step in the evolution of Behavior-Based Safety Leadership, all those who are using Behavior-Based Safety, have ever done so, or even considered it are encouraged to attend.  Dr. Boyce has provided the following as a description for the upcoming presentation:

Understand and develop the natural power of human psychology to become a better leader.

In a 1-hour forum that uses stories, demonstrations, and discussion, participants will:

  • Learn what psychology is and why it’s important to leading safety
  • Gain an understanding of the components of a work culture and how each impacts employees’ safety-related behaviors
  • Learn to recognize and avoid the most common errors in judgment that affect the safety outcomes they get
  • Better understand how to change attitudes and behaviors and promote lasting change

Safety professionals, senior managers, mid-level managers, and front-line supervisors who attend this session will leave with a dynamic understanding of human beings that will change their perspective on being a boss and improve their ability to lead both individuals and groups to achieve the safety results they are seeking.

Click here or on the link above to register and for other event details.

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