Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

Center for Behavioral Safety Celebrates 10 Years of Improving Working Lives

The Center for Behavioral Safety celebrated its 10-year anniversary earlier this year.  Founded in Reno, NV by behavioral strategist, Dr. Thomas E. Boyce, the Center opened its first San Francisco Bay Area franchise in February of 2010.  To date, the Center has provided executive coaching, leadership and management training, and safety consulting to more than 50 companies representing industries such as mining; manufacturing; construction; city, county, and state government, health care, higher education, and technology development.

Many organizations with whom the Center has worked have undertaken multiple projects because of the success they had with earlier worked performed by Dr. Boyce.  When asked to reflect on the Center’s success for a recent newspaper article, Dr. Boyce (who still serves as senior consultant) said, “we are proud to have brought the practical application of 120 years of behavioral science to such a diverse group of organizations and industries.  A majority of the businesses with whom we’ve worked continue to use our processes to this day.  In my opinion, this speaks to the power of the principles we teach and tools we provide.”   Added, Dr. Boyce, “the longevity of the processes we’ve implemented is also tangible evidence of our adage: ‘You are experts in your business; we’re experts in human behavior.  Together, we can make a difference’.”

Dr. Boyce is a sought after consultant and keynote speaker who regularly provides his inspirational talks on the topic of leadership, safety, and human motivation throughout the U.S. and abroad.  He is also frequently asked to contribute his expertise in articles for magazines and industry periodicals.  For more information on the Center and Dr. Boyce, please explore our website.

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