Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

You Can Know in Advance What Impact Your Decisions will Have on Behavior!

The science of human behavior has a lot to say about employee motivation.  For example, did you know that if you offer a reward for performance regularly at the end of the month you will get a very different pattern of behavior than if you give the same reward for the same performance at different times each month. Given that the reward is of value to the performer, in the former situation, you will see an increase in performance regularly at the end of the month.  In the latter situation, performance will be more evenly distributed throughout the month.  Depending on the goals you have set for your business, one pattern of behavior may be more appropriate than the other to realize those goals.

If you regularly apply in your organization what we have learned from 120 years of behavioral science research, you will embrace a journey of continuous performance improvement.  You will also develop a leadership style that can drive the numbers for which you are accountable while building successful and fulfilling professional relationships with those you lead.

Taught by internationally known Behavioral Scientist, Dr. Thomas Boyce, the Center for Behavioral Safety //120// Process is intended to put you in control.  You will learn the things you need to know from more than a century of rigorous behavioral science taught in an exciting manner with language that anyone can understand. 

Contact us today to find out how you can put the //120// to work for you.

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