Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

Green Business!

Does your business have a recycling receptacle and other energy saving resources that do not get used to their maximum potential?  Do you find that office lights and equipment are left on when not in use?

“Creating a “green” culture is much like creating an effective safety culture. It’s not just a matter of policy or putting a poster on the wall to remind your employees about what they should be doing. Many already know what they should be doing, but they don’t do it.  Going green and being sustainable is about shared goals and company values. It’s about human behavior and why people do what they do. The best results can be found with an understanding of human behavior and by implementing a practical behavior change process. This is not a new concept or a fad.  I’ve been helping business to do this successfully for nearly two decades and the basic principles of human behavior date back more than 120 years.”~Dr. Thomas E. Boyce, Behavioral Scientist

What is a Green Business?

It is generally agreed that a business can be described as green if it matches four criteria:

  1. It incorporates principles of sustainability into each of its business decisions.
  2. It supplies environmentally friendly products or services that replace demand for non-green products and/or services.
  3. It is greener than traditional competition.
  4.  It has made an enduring commitment to environmental principles in its business operations.

What Motivates a Business to Go Green? 

Put simply, it is good for the bottom line in two primary ways:

  1. The business attracts additional customers—those that share the same goals and ideals in sustainability and cost savings.
  2. The business spends less on energy and other consumables.  And, these savings can be invested back in to the business however you decide.

How Does a Business Go Green?

Traditionally, much has been invested into researching and developing technology innovations that will reduce a business’ environmental footprint.  Hybrid and electric vehicles and solar and wind energy are the most well-know of these.  And, they work.  However, relatively less work has been done to understand what it takes to get businesses to adopt such technologies.  Less yet has been done to help companies go green without the need to adopt these technologies which often require a large upfront investment. For this, we must turn to behavioral science.  In fact, Hunt and Mullainathan (2010) claim that in order to go green, changing behavior is as important as changing technology.

How Can the Center for Behavioral Safety be of Help to You? 

We can help you use behavioral science to change:

1)      your work culture to target more environmentally-friendly behavior and

2)      employee behavior to be consistent with these environmentally-friendly targets

This will help you reduce the costs of operating and attract new customers without the need for a large upfront capital investment in technology.

What Can I Expect?

One client successfully re-positioned their effective behavioral safety process to include environmentally-friendly behaviors in addition to the safety-related behaviors they had been observing for two years.  Using a “HUG THIS” campaign to target behaviors such as carpooling while on site, recycling and re-using, and turning-off lights, they reduced waste by $300,000 in one year.  With a workforce of 300 people, this amounted to a savings of $1000 per employee for the year.  Moreover, they were able to repeat the same kind of saving each year the process was in place!

You can experience the same kind of benefit.  And you don’t need to be doing Behavior-Based Safety in order to GO GREEN.  Click here to read the complete case study.

When Can I Get Started?

Improving on or creating a green sustainability system is a distinct opportunity to improve human performance in a way that will make your business stand out among the rest. Your customized process is waiting for you in as little as a ½ day seminar with management and a 2-Day workshop with employees.

Please contact us today at 775.232.3099 or at ted.boyce@cbsafety.com to speak with Dr. Thomas E. Boyce directly.  He will help you chart a Green path and all of the benefits that come with it.

REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE! Reduce carbon emissions…. Recycle more, recycle better….  Reuse resources, including your successful process at multiple sites…. Improve human behavior based on 120 years of psychological science.