Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

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Is Your Facility Overdue for a Safety Check-Up?

Dr Boyce has an article published in the current issue of Mining Magazine.  The article describes the basic components of a safety culture assessment and gives readers a practical understanding of what to look for in a comprehensive evaluation of their workplace safety culture. Click here for a free copy of the article.

As many of our clients already know, you will always make better decisions when they are based on good information.  And, a well-done safety culture assessment will provide exactly this type of information.  If you would be interested in having Dr. Boyce conduct an assessment of your safety culture, please contact him directly at ted.boyce@cbsafety.com or by calling 775.232.3099.

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New Video Excerpt Available for Viewing at www.cbsafety.com

Dr. Boyce wanted to let you know that he has placed a new video clip on-line at www.cbsafety.com.  The video (on the right sidebar of the website) is an excerpt from a talk performed earlier this year in San Francisco and is a follow-up to the prior clip on the safety system.  In this video, Dr. Boyce discusses the benefits of positive consequences for motivating safe behavior and the limitations of relying too heavily on enforcing policies to motivate safe behaviors.

We welcome your feedback and comments.  And, please e-mail Dr. Boyce at ted.boyce@cbsafety.com if you would like to schedule him to speak at a company function or conference in 2011.

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Frequently Asked Questions Volume 2

We received many positive comments regarding our first volume of Frequently Asked Questions.  Thus, Dr. Boyce wanted to dig a little deeper and provide more information regarding our BBS implementation and process based on additional questions we often receive.  Below are FAQs Volume 2.

Q . How is your process different from your competitors?  What are your strengths? 

A.  We customize processes to fit the needs of each client.  Thus, not only is the process sustainable, the benefits it produces are as well.  Although we use a tried and tested implementation method, the product you end-up with will be unique to your organization or facility yet always consistent with the principles that drive success.  Moreover, we work with our clients to


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The Safety System: Video Excerpt from Principles of Behavior-Based Safety Presentation

Dr. Boyce has posted a new video on the Center for Behavioral Safety website.  In it he discusses the “safety system” as part of his recent Principles of Behavior-Based Safety Presentation in San Francisco, CA.

You can view the video directly from www.cbsafety.com by clicking the “play” button.  Alternatively, you can click on the “YouTube” logo on the bottom right and watch it directly from the YouTube website (the YouTube page will open as a new tab in your browser.)

To book Dr. Boyce for a keynote address, technical presentation, or training, please e-mail him at ted.boyce@cbsafety.com.

Finally, please check back periodically for more excerpts from Dr. Boyce’s presentations and trainings.

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Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

The Center for Behavioral Safety often participates in professional conferences and meetings to share leading edge information regarding injury prevention, leadership, and organizational behavior more generally.  It is common in these settings to have a period of time during which participants of our sessions will ask questions.  And, there are some common ones regarding our company and our Behavior-Based Safety process.  Thus, Dr. Boyce thought it would be useful to address the top 5 questions we receive as part of our headline news.  Below are these "FAQs" and our responses.

Q. How do I know a BBS process is right for our company?

A. Our customized BBS process can reduce your injury rate by 50% in 1 year.   It can also


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Proactive Safety: How to Reduce Workplace Injuries by 50%

Seventeen years of experience helping companies improve safety performance has taught me a few lessons.  All combine good behavioral science with practical real-world application.  Following these guidelines typically produces a 50% reduction in injuries within a year.

  1.  Recognize that safety improvement is a process that takes time. Businesses are complicated systems with unique cultures.  The shared values, beliefs, and perceptions of the workforce influence performance as much as the formal company rules, regulations and policies.  No long-term behavior change will occur without changes in these accepted practices. 
  2. Customize the process to fit YOUR needs by involving employees.  Employees know more than management about workplace hazards and at-risk behaviors. Allow them to demonstrate this expertise.  If you empower employees with key decisions

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Understanding and Preventing the Bystander Effect in Industry

The “bystander effect” is defined by people’s unwillingness to help or get involved (often in an emergency situation) when others are present.  In fact, the effect is even stronger when more people are present.

The “bystander effect” is common in industrial settings where employees work in crews.  It is often exhibited in safety when someone chooses to ignore a safety hazard rather than to point it out, much less acknowledge and correct it.

Call 775.232.3099 or e-mail ted.boyce@cbsafety.com to book world-renowned behavioral psychologist Dr. Ted Boyce today to help you:

  • Understand the bystander effect and its causes
  • Determine if the bystander effect is occurring in your work setting
  • Develop and apply strategies for overcoming the bystander effect
  • Motivate employees to get actively involved in their

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Build a Work Culture of Trust and Mutual Respect

How would YOUR workday be different if:

  • Your leaders communicated more clearly and effectively?
  • Your leaders showed more consistency and made better decisions?
  • Your employees were happy and looked out for and encouraged one another?
  • Your employees routinely took initiative and performed to the highest standard?
  • Your company saw a more open and honest exchange of information across all levels?
  • Your company attracted and retained better employees?
  • Your company’s bottom line continually improved?

Book internationally known behavior analyst, Dr. Ted Boyce, to entertain and inform your leaders, employees, and key stakeholders with a motivational keynote address at your conference, meeting, refresher training, or retreat.  You will learn how to harness the power of people to transform YOUR work culture. 

A partial list of satisfied clients include:  City of


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Evidence-Based Practices: How to Create Conversations that Lead to Beneficial Culture Change

Fifteen years of experience helping businesses transform their work cultures have shown me that Evidence-Based Practices around key business needs are essential. Evidence-Based Practices are simply those that allow for objective measurement of performance that should lead to a desired outcome. For example, in the Behavior-Based Safety process that we teach, safety behaviors are measured through direct observation. Then, performance feedback is provided immediately to the individual(s) observed as a means of reinforcing desired behavior and stopping undesired behavior. We stress giving positive feedback for safe performance. And, if correction is needed, we teach a constructive feedback process that allows the performer to share with the observer all factors that may have contributed to the ...

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Important Announcement Regarding Product Downloads

I have recently been made aware of problems with the purchase function of our website.  We are diligently working to fix this issue in order to make the check-out process as convenient and efficient as possible. 

If you have tried to purchase a product from us unsuccessfully or are interested in making a purchase, please e-mail me directly at ted.boyce@cbsafety.com with the name of the product you would like and the e-mail address to which it should be sent.  I will send the product to you directly via e-mail attachment and subsequently invoice you for the purchase price.  I will also send you a free article to assist you in your safety improvement efforts.

I apologize for any inconvenience this technical


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