Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe


Something to Think About

Says Dr. Thomas E. Boyce: "I advocate the use of Psychology in the workplace- in every profession, especially in Safety, Communication and Production. Test: in the U.K. High-Risk industrial employers are 6 times less likely to be injured or have a fatality. Given this I would suspect that even if not formal about it, they are more likely to use psychology in the workplace. Consider that something as simple as a break for tea in the afternoon can do wonders for employee morale and improved morale is often correlated with better employee performance."~ August 8, 2013

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If Your Facility Hasn’t Injured Someone in a While, You May NOT Be Doing Your Job!

Be amongst the first to hear Dr. Boyce’s NEW provocative, enlightening, and practical keynote address.   Developed in response to his article of the same title just published in Mining Quarterly (click here), the talk description supplied to CBS by Dr. Boyce reads as follows: “Zero injuries isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.  In fact, “zero” can lull a facility in to a sense of complacency regarding the basic necessities of injury prevention.  During this edgy, yet entertaining and informative talk, Dr. Boyce will describe the downside of using traditional measures of safety such as injury-rate to evaluate safety success and also the perils of rewarding the absence of injuries as a measure of good performance. He will also ...

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Take Your Behavior-Based Safety Process to the Next Level!

We are pleased to announce a new keynote speech and workshop by Dr. Boyce entitled: How to Take Your BBS Process to the Next Level:Things You Need to Know that Your Consultant Won’t Tell You.  Please see a brief program description below: Many companies have tried a version of Behavior-Based Safety (BBS).  Each likely involved some form of observation card, employee observations in the field, feedback, and action plans around critical issues identified.  And, despite these consistencies in appearance and mechanics, some companies have great success with BBS and are able to sustain it over the course of years while others see little added benefit beyond that often described by employees as “flavor of the month”.  This talk will discuss the science-based ...

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Complimentary Publications from Dr. Boyce

We have added links on our website to several articles published by Dr. Boyce.  You can access these by clicking here. The articles cover a range of topics and will have relevance to your organization regardless of whether you are currently using Behavior-Based Safety or not.  Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for additional publications. As always, contact us directly to have Dr. Boyce engage with you and your employees directly in one of his popular live appearances.

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Book Dr. Boyce for a Live Appearance in 2013

From the keynote speeches, panel discussions, and customized short-courses and workshops, there are a variety of ways you and your company can engage with Dr. Boyce. A few of the popular formats we can arrange include: Keynote Speech:  Live, on stage featured presentation filled with practical tools, stories, and humor Short Course/Workshop: ½-day to 3-day detailed session with interactive exercises and demonstrations Panel Discussion: as a moderator or panelist, Dr. Boyce will ensure the conversation is lively, timely, and fact based A Meal with Dr. Boyce: intimate conversation over a meal Ask the Expert: advisory consultation sessions in person, over the phone, and via Skype On-Going Conversations: follow-up sessions that can be done on-site or on line Visiting Professor: Engage an expert for an ongoing educational experience Dr. Boyce’s ...

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New Video Series: 3 Questions with Dr. Boyce

The Center for Behavioral Safety is proud to announce that we will be producing a recurring series of video segments called "3 Questions with Dr. Boyce."  The first session of the series can be found by clicking here.  If you would like Dr. Boyce to address a specific question you can e-mail that question to admin@cbsafety.com or, if you are a registered user of this site, by commenting to this post. Other videos by Dr. Boyce can be found at the following links: 1. What Would You Do? : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otn5c7ec19A 2. System Factors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRN-Uv91Ego 3. Benefits of Positive Consequences: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcu8IGya56c 4. Safety Leadership: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E7Z3YAF5uA We look forward to hearing from you.  Please let us know how we ...

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What Would You Do? New Video of Dr. Boyce posted on www.cbsafety.com

From the Admin: We have posted a video of Dr. Boyce presenting an important message about injury prevention at a recent luncheon meeting for safety professionals. While the video is informal, the message is one that Dr. Boyce felt deserved to be heard by all of those that have worked with him and the Center for Behavioral Safety or who otherwise visit our website. We invite you to consider the value of a great talk that is meant to inspire action, conveys a strong leadership and safety message, and is done by The Triple Threat: Dr Thomas E. Boyce. Please forward this video link to your Human Resources Staff, to your meeting planners and conference coordinators, and contact us to ...

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Center for Behavioral Safety Celebrates 10 Years of Improving Working Lives

The Center for Behavioral Safety celebrated its 10-year anniversary earlier this year.  Founded in Reno, NV by behavioral strategist, Dr. Thomas E. Boyce, the Center opened its first San Francisco Bay Area franchise in February of 2010.  To date, the Center has provided executive coaching, leadership and management training, and safety consulting to more than 50 companies representing industries such as mining; manufacturing; construction; city, county, and state government, health care, higher education, and technology development. Many organizations with whom the Center has worked have undertaken multiple projects because of the success they had with earlier worked performed by Dr. Boyce.  When asked to reflect on the Center’s success for a recent newspaper article, Dr. Boyce (who still serves as ...

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A San Francisco Bay Area Safety Talk

Dr. Boyce will be presenting at talk entitled: The Essence of Safety:  How to Overcome Resistance and Produce Lasting Change at the November 16th, 2012 meeting of the Golden Gate Chapter of the National Safety Management Society.  The next step in the evolution of Behavior-Based Safety Leadership, all those who are using Behavior-Based Safety, have ever done so, or even considered it are encouraged to attend.  Dr. Boyce has provided the following as a description for the upcoming presentation: Understand and develop the natural power of human psychology to become a better leader. In a 1-hour forum that uses stories, demonstrations, and discussion, participants will:
  • Learn what psychology is and why it’s important to leading safety
  • Gain an understanding of the components of a work

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Upcoming Events! Schedule Dr. Boyce to Appear at Your Event

We have been asked to keep subscribers informed about where Dr. Boyce will be traveling.  With prior arrangements, he is happy to make a site visit to your facility when he is in your area.  In the spirit of keeping everyone informed, below are Dr. Boyce's upcoming speaking engagements.
  • Scottsdale, AZ on April 23-25 for a 3-Day workshop on Leadership Communication.  Contact us for more details.
  • Socorro, NM on May 1 and 2 for the New Mexico Mine Safety and Health Conference. Dr. Boyce will participate in a panel discussion on May 1 and deliver a keynote address and technical session on May 2.  Click here for more details.
  • Phoenix, AZ on May 3 to deliver the keynote at the AZ Spring Thaw. 

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