Why Zero Injuries Does NOT Always Mean Your Worksite is Safe

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Have You Reached a Safety Plateau? Don’t Rely on the Flavor of the Month to Help

As a behavioral scientist I understand the impact of emotion on behavior.  It can both enhance and inhibit.  If someone is asked to do something that does not work to produce the results they expect (or have achieved in the past), they get frustrated and stop doing the behavior.  On the other hand, when they are excited they can’t get enough of what excites them and related behaviors increase in frequency. When you implement a process within your more comprehensive safety program, emotions are experienced by employees.  If the implementation is done correctly, you generate excitement and behavior to support the change.  Employees are involved and engaged.   Then, as time passes, employee involvement and excitement appears to diminish.  Behavioral science helps ...

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Mind Matters! Dr. Boyce’s Recent Webcast Now Available as a Recording

Dr. Boyce's webcast through the American Management Association, recorded on March 21, 2012, is now available as a recorded session.  Entitled Mind Matters!  Getting Results through Psychology, the hour long webcast takes you on a brief journey through 3 schools of psychology that can help you make an immediate difference at your workplace.  If you missed the live broadcast, you can get more information about the webcast and make arrangements to listen to the recorded session by clicking on the following link: http://www.amanet.org/training/webcasts/Mind-Matters!.aspx Please also see the Psychology of Management post on our website for information on a 2-Day course that will build on the material that Dr. Boyce will only have the time to touch on during the webcast.  He will ...

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Now Accepting Speaking Engagements for 2012

Would you listen to a man who grew up in an academic environment, lived next to a national sports hero, took his first job at the age 15, plays rock n roll music, and holds a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology? Meet Dr. Thomas Boyce, a business consultant, author, educator, and musician who in just the past decade has published more than 20 articles on leadership and employee motivation, logged more than 3000 hours of on-site training and 1000 hours of post-secondary instruction, given more than 100 public presentations, and self-published a dozen original rock songs which are available on iTunes. According to Dr. Boyce “everyone can learn the basic principles of behavior such that they are able to improve quality of ...

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Motivated Magazine!

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Boyce will have an article published in Motivated Magazine on line.  Notable contributors to Motivated include: Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Deepak Chopra, Bill Clinton, and Steve Wozniak. We will post a link to Dr. Boyce's article once it's available.  So, please be on the look out for our special announcement.

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Schedule Your Safety Check-Up Today!

I recently had my annual physical exam.  This yearly ritual always reminds me of the importance of checking to be sure everything is OK even when there are no outward symptoms of a problem.  The benefit is early detection and simpler intervention to restore health if a problem does exist.

The same process can benefit your safety program.  That is, you should routinely check leading indicators of safety success, even when no outward signs of a problem exist.  To help you accomplish this, we are offering a 1-day observational assessment as quick, simple alternative to our comprehensive safety culture assessment.

The 1-day observational assessment process typically involves having one of our Ph.D.-level consultants spend a day


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Frequently Asked Questions Volume 2

We received many positive comments regarding our first volume of Frequently Asked Questions.  Thus, Dr. Boyce wanted to dig a little deeper and provide more information regarding our BBS implementation and process based on additional questions we often receive.  Below are FAQs Volume 2.

Q . How is your process different from your competitors?  What are your strengths? 

A.  We customize processes to fit the needs of each client.  Thus, not only is the process sustainable, the benefits it produces are as well.  Although we use a tried and tested implementation method, the product you end-up with will be unique to your organization or facility yet always consistent with the principles that drive success.  Moreover, we work with our clients to


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Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

The Center for Behavioral Safety often participates in professional conferences and meetings to share leading edge information regarding injury prevention, leadership, and organizational behavior more generally.  It is common in these settings to have a period of time during which participants of our sessions will ask questions.  And, there are some common ones regarding our company and our Behavior-Based Safety process.  Thus, Dr. Boyce thought it would be useful to address the top 5 questions we receive as part of our headline news.  Below are these "FAQs" and our responses.

Q. How do I know a BBS process is right for our company?

A. Our customized BBS process can reduce your injury rate by 50% in 1 year.   It can also


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